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Who We Are?

    Vedaguru in indua is founded by an Indian-Italian couple (Shajeer and Carola) who were living with tribals in their natural habitat for years. They had travelled extensively in India to find out the traces of Vedic culture in tribal lifestyle. They met in India during they were studing subjects in the context of Veda. Shajeer and Carola also dedicated to protect the cultural heritage and ancient Vedic knowledge of tribal community and helps to sustain their livelihood.

    Wayanad , Shajeer and Carola’s most preferred location where they can have close encounter with aborigine tribes and their unique lifestyle. Wayanad is situated in the lap of Western Ghats , where there is mother nature stand still, velvet hills and valleys, mist clad mountain , mysterious caves, jungle trails, and can be seen historical ruins and excavation that revealed the rich cultural heritages of Wayanad.


    Learn the Vedic science through experience. Try to find answer to all your questions. Feel that the life it’s so short because so beautiful. Share what you have,-physical, mental, moral or spiritual with all. Embrace trees and feel the energy. Breathe the cosmic power. Live according with nature. Be an example for the people. Destroy the ignorance. Relieve the pain with natural method. Help the others. Enjoy the deepness of the life through our ayurveda and yoga courses in India.

    The word Veda is derived from the Aryan root “vid” which means “seeing”, vision or ideas. A Guru is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others.

     The aim of Vedaguru is give you the knowledge of Veda to help you deal with the powerful emotions we all possess. Through your Guru, you will learn how to understand and harness the power contained within each human being to be able to relieve our self of ignorance and misery.

    At Vedaguru, we believe in the enrichment of living standards of modern civilisation through indigenous, traditional knowledge of the Vedas. This knowledge originated in the ancient Vedic civilisations and has been handed over from each generation to the next and are, to this day, still being practiced in the local community. Vedaguru aims to be a bridge between ancient culture and modern civilization. To help carry this ancient knowledge forward so that our modern society can benefit from its populaces individual power. We at Vedaguru are committed to being the helpful hand which improves the Socioeconomic living circle of our modern civilizations.

Vedaguru Basic Certificate Regular Courses

(Two weeks Intensive Ayurveda & Yoga Course) Click here for course calendar

    More than just a course, the Vedaguru Basic Certificate will be a true inspirational experience that will last your entire life. The teachers are the Gurusof the local community. They speak only their local language Malayalam so we provide an English translator that will accompany throughout the entire course. Our center is not a learning institute where the lessons are classroom based and read from books; they are hands on, offering you the opportunity to discover things yourself through experience and through your own eyes. A truly inspirational and life changing experience.
The Vedaguru Centre for Vedic Science and the Ayurvedic village is 1300 meters above sea level and overlooks a beautiful lake with a stunning backdrop of mountains and jungle. The Vedaguru Centre stands proud with its quaint natural eco-cottages along the waterfront offering it’s students magnificent views. It’s a unique project that combines eco-tourism with sustainable agriculture and environmental education. Our internationally renowned eco-cottages are situated on an Organic farm in the tropical rainforests of the western Ghats of North East Kerala, South India.

“For these courses we require people that have a positive attitude and a
deeply respect for the culture and for the nature.”

Asthi bramsam and bangam
Pregnancy & baby massage
Beuaty therapy
Herbs & ayurvedic prepartion


The Vedaguru centre in an ambience of virgin wilderness and homely will learn how to relax.Organic accommodation at the Vedaguru centre consists of our world renowned eco-cottages which allow you to live at one with nature. The cottages offer a peaceful environment for you to relieve your tensions and itself teach you meditation training . Three Eco- Cottages have been specially designed to meet international standards of style and comfort and are set in rustic surroundings of bamboo, banana, coffee and orange plants all surrounded by a beautiful lake.

Each cottage has an independent bedroom unit with attached western bathrooms (with hot shower). All cottages have power back up technology and intercom facilities in the room.

The Centre represents authentic, traditional ambiance for living in communion with all the elements of nature in the shape of its cottages. Each cottage is naturally cooled by the spice laden breeze and interior ceiling fans. The tents overlooking the lake and valley offer complete privacy with Toilet and wash room facilities just a few meters away, where warm water is also provided.

Enjoy the luxury of a simple life with clean air ,pure water, beautiful surroundings and a negligible carbon footprint. Perfect for someone who wants to escape to peace and solitude all together will tell you how to change your life.We serve our guests only organic and ayurvedic diet. that is grown on the village. All dishes are vegetarian according to ayurvedic principles. If you have any special dietary requirements or restrictions, please let us know beforehand so that we can cater to your exact needs upon your arrival.